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A preview of what I will be ranting about in a little while:

this isn’t an infirmary. this is my room at the Guest House 🙂

Above is the sorry condition of my right big toe, the left side of which kind’a resembled a skinless chicken longanisa without that bandage. Trust me, it wasn’t an exaggeration. Oh, and the ointment I put to relieve the pain is the mayonnaise that completes the entree. Gross, I know.

So, what’s the story, clumsy me?

Nothing fancy like falling down an empty ditch hole (like what happened to me last October). This time, I just decided to attack the ground on my way home from work. Or, I got curious and tested the force of gravity and it showed me. Showed me big time who’s  the boss.

I was wearing this:

i loved these but they betrayed me!

While flailing my arms like mad and wearing ten levels of ‘unpaintable’ expression on my face, about a second before I  hit the ground, I got flashbacks – not of the vivid memories of my happy life but of the most embarrassing  situations I’ve gotten myself into just because I was at the 2nd row, with both feet sticking out when the heavens blessed us earthlings with the gift of ehem… clumsiness.

I would be lying if I say I don’t always wish I’d float and stay there five inches above the the ground ala-Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible whenever one of my feet betrays me. I was always hopeful someone would yell ‘Wingardium Leviosa!’ to keep me floating. Too much Harry Potter I know. 🙂

Anyhow, that’s the reason why I went to work in my yucky Banana Peel (felt more like wearing the old-school Spartan) and I kept getting ‘the look’ from people it was a bit embarrassing too.

Moral lesson: Don’t wear open-toe, cute sandals with a slippery sole at work in this kind of environment, where concrete and paved walkways are uphill. I think I’d be reuniting with my great ‘ol Chucks very soon.

old buddy!


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