The ‘ahas’ encounter

Posted on: September 2, 2012

This happened almost a week ago but it’s worth telling.

I know that they exist everywhere in this small community on top of the mountain. But never in my dreams did I think of seeing one up close, slithering barely three meters away from where I sat while listening to a friend’s guitar rendition of an Air Supply hit.

The moment he, in a very calm manner, said: ‘Thet, ‘wag kang tatakbo, may ahas” I disapparated and found myself inside the guesthouse dining hall, behind the screen door, with the loudest heartbeat I had in years. I was scared shit.

I left my friend to deal with the creepy crawling creature by himself. I kind of selfishly neglected the thought that he might be afraid of snakes too. But low and behold, his reaction was swift, almost like a warrior, armed with a wooden pole, targeting at the helpless creature’s head for a sudden death. It took him less than 10 minutes to completely get rid of the snake. He didn’t stop until it was dead. 

Later on, he would admit how grossed out and scared he was after almost 10 minutes of tring to crush its brains out. “Yak, napi-feel kong nadudurog yung laman nya!” he would quip later when we were relieving the ahas encounter.

Just yesterday, one of the manangs in the guest house said they saw two relatively big snakes (one black and the other one brown) slithering near the gutter at the pathway leading to the Annex (where I am currently staying, OhmyLawwd!!!) Call me paranoid I don’t care but I am the biggest schmuck-face you would ever see while trying to get past that pathway – half-running, half-crying while trying to go home to my room.


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