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Where have I been these days?

I’ve been to misery, bliss, misery, and then back to happiness. But everyday is a circle, I sometimes feel like I’m just going round and round.

The last few months have been quite stressful I gotta be honest. It went by swiftly that I hardly ever noticed calendars being ripped out to reveal new pages or that my journal’s been left empty again. I was heartbroken then redeemed. I felt for a while that I must be going nowhere but perseverance and positivity prevailed and I’m back on track.

I’d like to think that in life, nothing ever comes easy. Ironically, it’s easy for me that way –  not expecting something grand would just happen without me doing anything to ‘invoke’ it. I’m not gonna go all Chinese and talk about ‘yin and yang’ or sing ‘ebony and ivory.’ I simply wanted to point out that based on the past recent significant events of my life, balance, indeed, is inevitable.

I’m a firm believer of equilibrium that sometimes when I laugh too hard (yes, almost rolling on the floor), I’m afraid that in a few minutes, I’ll be crying about something. Sounds like paranoia but its not. I just believe that the universe has the tendency to put balance when there’s an excess of something – be it something good or bad.

Now, I’m almost on my 6th month on the job and I was told that I’ve been regularized last February 1. One of the best birthday gifts (ever!) But to quote Spiderman’s Uncle Ben, ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ and this responsibility of yours truly has started pouring in like water from a bottomless pit.

Again, balance. All I have to do is hold my head high, look straight and keep going.


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