I thought I died and went to heaven (A taste of Gustatory Tour de Force)

Posted on: June 7, 2011

Tuna sashimi. Slightly grilled salmon sushi. Roasted duck breast carpaccio. Duck liver soup. Risotto Parmigiano with wild mushrooms and truffles. Kiwi and mango sorbet. Raspberry cheesecake. Chocolate truffles. Creme Brulee.

All these I ate for dinner. (Forgive me, I didn’t get a copy of the menu for the actual cuisine names) And I thought it was a successful diet day for me (as I only had a cheese-tomato wheat sandwich and mango shake for lunch). I guess it wasn’t after all.

But if these would be my last meal before the good Lord takes me, I’d die a happy death.

I am still very much alive but I’m almost dying of indigestion because I willingly  ate beyond my stomach capacity at tonight’s Food Sampling /Cocktails at Makati Shangri-La Hotel entitled Culinary Evolution as one of the country’s most luxurious hotels sort of formally launched its new banquet cuisine by Chef Franco Brodini.

Chef Brodini looks a bit like Adrian Brody from this angle (Kudos to you Chef!)

I almost didn’t go because of my darn headache but glad I did because this is one gastronomic experience you wouldn’t wanna miss =)

A smile from the guy in-charge of this duck liver cuisine variety

Slightly grilled (or torched?) salmon sushi (may not look too appetizing here but it's magnifico!)

I haven't seen so many toques in my life =)

Chef in action at the Risotto station

Roasted duck station

Lord, have mercy! Choco Fondue at its finest =)

shelves upon shelves of this sinful little slices

... and these too!

Define Indulgence - Kiwi and mango sorbet, raspberry cheesecake, choco mousse and tiramisu

Laksa which I didn't ate because there' no room anymore

Throngs of people – some in their office attires (like me! but I think I was the only idiot who was lugging her laptop around) while others in their best f*ck me cocktail dresses and dancing shoes paraded non-stop at the big Rizal ballroom, mad-dashing to have a taste of each and every cuisine the night has to offer.

long queue at the sushi bar

standing room only at the Rizal Ballroom

Thanks Shang! =)


2 Responses to "I thought I died and went to heaven (A taste of Gustatory Tour de Force)"

uhmmm hi…im one of the dancer of this event..question lang may vids ka po pa or pics ng mga dancer???? -Billy Chee

Hi… sorry I came in quite late so I wasn’t even able to see your dance so I’ve no photos. Truly sorry…

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