Coke out, milk tea in

Posted on: May 8, 2011

I’m trying to cut down on my Caffeine in-take. And what best way to do it than have a bet/deal with someone – in my case, it’s my sister. She said she’s asking some big favor from God that’s why she has to sacrifice a vice – her Coke addition. And I thought, I can certainly do the same and it doesn’t have to be because I am asking for a favor; I just want to at least have some way to do it.

I can drink these babies in one go

Day 1 was successful. I managed to refrain from ordering ‘one large Coke Light’ to go with my pancake and at lunch, I matched my roasted boneless chicken and pesto pasta with just tap water. The day went on without a single bottle/can of my beloved Coke.

Speaking of an alternative drink, my sister and I discovered this new beverage shop at The Landmark Department Store. It’s located beside French Baker at the ‘bridge’ connecting the store to Glorietta. The shop is called ‘Chatime’ or teatime. (tea is cha in Chinese) and of course, there’s nothing else available but tea drinks but in wide variety. I heard the brand is from Taiwan.

Small kiosk at The LandMark

I ordered Brown Rice Green Tea and my sister went for the Green Tea smoothie. I am never a tea fan but this might change my mind. It tasted really good! I don’t drink the usual iced tea but I drink hot tea and cold milk tea. Chatime serves around 70 variations of mellow milk teas, fresh teas, fruit mixes, smoothies, and others at a very reasonable price (I got mine for around Php70 + only).

Preparing our teas

They’re pretty much everywhere in Asia
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