Hika… ang inabot ko =)

Posted on: May 3, 2011

I am 29 years old and I’ve got asthma.

Since college I was convinced I got it but I wasn’t formally diagnosed ’till now. It was excitement about finally having granted an HMO by my current company that led me to this discovery. I didn’t even have that actual plastic card in my hands yet but an officemate made the arrangement for me. I thought what the heck – I’ve not been feeling well lately and I thought it would be good to get some medical attention. For one, I’ve been having shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing and I’m always having chest pains. I also feel constant pain in my neck (the nape area) and back pains. I am feeling a lot of pain.

Last week was my first visit to Tokyo Healthlink at Pasong Tamo Extension in Makati. It was near my place of work and a colleague told me they have the best service. I wasn’t let down. I’ve never seen such a nice, accommodating, and very professional medical facility since I’ve started working. Being under the mercy of HMOs, most of the accredited medical facilities I’ve gone to would either treat you like sh*t because you’re not paying in cold cash or the place would simply have the semblance of a forsaken marketplace. THI’s Makati branch has a minimalist design. Their waiting area looks like a hotel lobby, their examination rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, and their staff are very friendly.

Source: Tokyo Healthlink site

So, I had my ECG during my first visit as suggested by the General Physician who consulted me because of the chest pains I was complaining. Then I had my first spirometry to check if my lungs are functioning well. It measured the amount and speed of air that I can inhale and exhale. I was asked to inhale and exhale deeply and rapidly (artificially pant) into a tube which was attached into a sensor with a noseclip. Boy, was it hard.

The Spirometer. It looks like a huge calculator =)

Then after the pre-test, I had one dosage of nebulizer (tastes awful) and then another post-test. That way, they would be able to compare if there is any improvement in my breathing.

And I was right. When I got my results a while ago, I was told my heart was perfectly fine but my lungs are a threat. I have ‘moderate’ asthma and the culprits are smoke (from cigarettes primarily) and stress (who would have known!). I am not a smoker but there are smokers at home.

So, now these are my new bestfriends:

My inhaler


My inhaler


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