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It’s been one week now but I can still feel the tranquility that it gave me – being on top of the world, where you can witness the majestic sea of clouds before you and wonder how such creation exist and be reminded that with God, all things are possible. While trekking up the mountain, up to the summit, I’ve got one thing on my mind: I will take the time to reflect and thank God, and just relish that feeling of being physically close to him (somehow it felt that way ‘coz I was higher than the clouds and it felt like I was in heaven).

Right here, I speak to you

My 2nd time in Mt. Pulag turned out to be better than what I expected. It was my first time to join a group of travelers who are basically strangers to each other. A colleague talked me into this after learning about my frustration about the first time I climbed because it was stormy and naturally, no sea of clouds for me and my group. But the company I had in that first Pulag climb was something I wouldn’t trade for anything – my BaKas friends. =) And so, this group of lone (and couples of) travelers, who crossed paths because of Travel Factor, went up the mountain as strangers and went down as new found friends to each other.

I wasn’t feeling well the whole climb up Camp 2, where we’ll be retiring for the day. I was battling stomachache and headache from the time we stopped at a 24-hour resto near Baguio market for breakfast, to the trip to the DENR and ranger station, and the whole journey up the mountain. At past 5PM, when we finally settled at camp, I succumbed to my headache and missed the sunset.

I didn’t expect what the dawn had in-store for me as it was raining like crazy the whole night. I woke up around 2:30 AM, still feeling nauseous but hauled my butt up for the 2-hour walk up the summit for the sunrise. I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I was elated… it was a very nice surprise. Round the bend, after about an hour and a half of walking a little blindly with my almost-dead headlamp, it greeted me – the orange-casted sky and the sea of clouds covering the horizon beneath it. Literally, I almost screamed of delight. The feeling was indescribable and all the pain I was feeling at the moment was gone in an instant.



I so want this right now.

Tempt me... tease me... you lifeless piece of *awesome*

An officemate told me it’s on sale in Glorietta- Price before: Php32,000.00… Now: Php21,000.00 (cash) or Php24,000.00 (credit card at 0% … effin’ 0% interest!) That symbol was very bad for me – those three eggs that make up an equation spells c-o-m-p-u-l-s-i-v-e  for me. The last time I fell into its hypnotizing gaze, I got myself a Php9k-worth Columbia Bugaboo Parka jacket which I am still paying for right now. Here’s my so-called ‘investment’ =)

Conquered Pulag in style

Oh well…  As the famous coffee TV commercial asks: “Ikaw, para saan ka bumabangon (araw-araw)?” I guess my selfish answer would be: “Para tustusan ang mga luho ko sa buhay…”

Kidding aside, I seriously need an emotional boost right now.

Who needs this at home…

When we already have this?

Our very own 'lazy boy' ... hahaha (my baby bro, Vins)

I’m trying to cut down on my Caffeine in-take. And what best way to do it than have a bet/deal with someone – in my case, it’s my sister. She said she’s asking some big favor from God that’s why she has to sacrifice a vice – her Coke addition. And I thought, I can certainly do the same and it doesn’t have to be because I am asking for a favor; I just want to at least have some way to do it.

I can drink these babies in one go

Day 1 was successful. I managed to refrain from ordering ‘one large Coke Light’ to go with my pancake and at lunch, I matched my roasted boneless chicken and pesto pasta with just tap water. The day went on without a single bottle/can of my beloved Coke.

Speaking of an alternative drink, my sister and I discovered this new beverage shop at The Landmark Department Store. It’s located beside French Baker at the ‘bridge’ connecting the store to Glorietta. The shop is called ‘Chatime’ or teatime. (tea is cha in Chinese) and of course, there’s nothing else available but tea drinks but in wide variety. I heard the brand is from Taiwan.

Small kiosk at The LandMark

I ordered Brown Rice Green Tea and my sister went for the Green Tea smoothie. I am never a tea fan but this might change my mind. It tasted really good! I don’t drink the usual iced tea but I drink hot tea and cold milk tea. Chatime serves around 70 variations of mellow milk teas, fresh teas, fruit mixes, smoothies, and others at a very reasonable price (I got mine for around Php70 + only).

Preparing our teas

They’re pretty much everywhere in Asia
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I am 29 years old and I’ve got asthma.

Since college I was convinced I got it but I wasn’t formally diagnosed ’till now. It was excitement about finally having granted an HMO by my current company that led me to this discovery. I didn’t even have that actual plastic card in my hands yet but an officemate made the arrangement for me. I thought what the heck – I’ve not been feeling well lately and I thought it would be good to get some medical attention. For one, I’ve been having shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing and I’m always having chest pains. I also feel constant pain in my neck (the nape area) and back pains. I am feeling a lot of pain.

Last week was my first visit to Tokyo Healthlink at Pasong Tamo Extension in Makati. It was near my place of work and a colleague told me they have the best service. I wasn’t let down. I’ve never seen such a nice, accommodating, and very professional medical facility since I’ve started working. Being under the mercy of HMOs, most of the accredited medical facilities I’ve gone to would either treat you like sh*t because you’re not paying in cold cash or the place would simply have the semblance of a forsaken marketplace. THI’s Makati branch has a minimalist design. Their waiting area looks like a hotel lobby, their examination rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, and their staff are very friendly.

Source: Tokyo Healthlink site

So, I had my ECG during my first visit as suggested by the General Physician who consulted me because of the chest pains I was complaining. Then I had my first spirometry to check if my lungs are functioning well. It measured the amount and speed of air that I can inhale and exhale. I was asked to inhale and exhale deeply and rapidly (artificially pant) into a tube which was attached into a sensor with a noseclip. Boy, was it hard.

The Spirometer. It looks like a huge calculator =)

Then after the pre-test, I had one dosage of nebulizer (tastes awful) and then another post-test. That way, they would be able to compare if there is any improvement in my breathing.

And I was right. When I got my results a while ago, I was told my heart was perfectly fine but my lungs are a threat. I have ‘moderate’ asthma and the culprits are smoke (from cigarettes primarily) and stress (who would have known!). I am not a smoker but there are smokers at home.

So, now these are my new bestfriends:

My inhaler


My inhaler

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