Boredom leads to this!

Posted on: February 13, 2011

This is the first time in my entire life that I had my hair colored like this… freakin’ awesome. Kudos to Fix which always does wonders to my hair. (Greenbelt 3, Makati) G’bye long dark mane for a while.

I am loving it. For some reason, it lightens my soul =)


3 Responses to "Boredom leads to this!"

I guess, right now, I really don’t know how to start this or come to delicately accomplish the main reason why I had to leave a comment.(..which more likely is, not even close to a comment, I mean this one am doing now *sob..a message,a request,advise?)
OK, here goes.
I would be certain though, that we, you and I, share something in common.
I know I don’t know you or sad even is, you don’t know who am I. Dont be alarmed, am no stalker or weirdo. Am not even close to being anyone else except myself. But then again, who is “myself”. oops.
(I can tell your thoughts as you pass each word..”…OMG! sino ba ‘tong taong to?!..”
Anyway, nothing to get freaked out of. Am just writing because of a friend.
Kaching. Yes you read it right. And that’s our common something, the “friend” thing.
Been more than a while since I last heard from her. As far as I could remember, the last time was when she gave me a call, if not late 2008 or mid 2009 (..and how can I forget, when I almost lost myself picking up the phone while driving. Don’t worry, I managed to go shoulder right away).
We did get to talk for like, I guess more than half an hour or so(..could be less) and t’was great to hear from her. My worries calmed down, I got my smiles back and there was that feeling of looking forward to something. Then, Ka-poof!(no, not Koko-crunch). After that call, that night, and the days-weeks-months that followed…nothing. No text message, no email. Nothing.
Right now, am baffled because I have not heard from her since. I suppose I can say NEVER after that call. And she does this with such grace, that when she DOES make herself available, she would quietly make herself unavailable.
Am not mad, no. Just confused. And in wonder and lost…and silly.
What am getting at is, I just wanna know how she is. And believe me, I’ve tried countless times trying to get a hold of her. I’ve tried even the trend of looking up in social networking sites, but to no avail.
I must be out of my head with this, you might say. But that’s ok, you can say so. Am leaving myself unguarded.
Just thinking maybe, you would still have any means of getting in touch with her.
That’s why I had to write.
It’s no big deal really if she wants to keep her privacy, if she prefers it so. Or if you would deny me a request, that if you have any news about her or still manage getting to chat with her every once in a while…please do tell her, if she can just let me know that she’s well and ok.
That’s all I ask and I’ll be happy.

Thanks. Just by reading this crazy message means a lot to me.
Thanks and take care always.


P.S. Your hair looks great with that color and Dishwalla rocks.

..I’d whip up my own latte, pull up a chair outside, gaze at the stars (when there’s a good night sky) and play this song…and other songs as well..

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