Screw these fancy shews!

Posted on: January 13, 2011

I am no Imelda Marcos but a gorgeous black pumps with needle hills or a strappy bare-beige sandals make me swoon and do the ‘awww’ thing as if I’ve seen a baby monkey bundled in a fruit basket or a friend tells me a sweet, cute story about his/her current lovelife. The tone is the same – starts pretty strong and loud with a dropping intonation (like the sound of a bomb being dropped) so you can imagine how annoying and pretentious it does sound like.
Anyway, back to the shoes.
The pair I wore today murdered my feet. And when I say murdered, I mean mutilated, carnaged, slaughtered that I can barely recognize them. They’re a huge mass of torn meat. Of course, I am exaggerating but the pain almost depicts it that way just perfectly. They feel sore everywhere and I have a feeling that whatever normal skin is left in certain areas in these babies, are also planning to stage a strike anytime soon or take an indefinite leave. The numbness creeps up from my heels up to my shin and the lower part of my calves. As if it weren’t bad enough that they look rediculously big for my tiny (pardon me) body.
The culprit was my gray Janilyn pumps which I bought while the store was having a crazy 50% off during the holidays. And here I am expecting something as comfortable as a ridiculously expensive type. It was a good find – a treasure actually – but I didn’t know I was falling into a trap until I wore it for the first time. It bit me hard. My mom always says you should beat the shoes in their own game and bite it before they bite you. She means this literally. But I’m on a faux leather diet so I passed. The next thing I know, I was walking  like Erap (you know, 5-2-5-4-5-2-5-4). Luckily, I didn’t grow out of my ‘Girl Scout’ phase and I always have a band aid somewhere in my blackhole of a bag. Makes me think, band aids could save the world someday.
It didn’t help that I was also standing and running the whole day because of the forum my company organized. I usually bring flipflops or flat sandals with me so I can walk comfortably to and from my office. Today, I didn’t so I had to take its wrath.My feet lay lifeless on my bed right now… and I mourn ever so loudly… OUCH!!!


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