Jolly old fellows taught me a lesson

Posted on: January 10, 2011

An old lady and an old man sat across from me inside the conference room. The old lady maybe well around in her 70s  and the old man – as he so proudly announced while recalling a precious time with his grandson – is already in his 80s. Both are lawyers and both are astonishingly vibrant and energetic and ever so-enthusiastic about their careers. I watched them. Or more like I watched through them, expecting to find two tired souls behind what’s infront of me.

They were animately talking about their advocacies – ethical practice and anti-corruption. The old man grins so much, showing me his perfect set of teeth (albeit false already I’m pretty sure) and the old lady reminds me of Cinderella’s cute, stout fairy godmother (the one who sings Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo). What’s so striking about them is the way that they seem to embrace old age without much of a fuss – very active and without any hint whatsoever of laying low.

And here I am in my crummy 28 years of existence feeling much older than those two old folks in front of me. My mind feeds me pretentions – I am an old lady trapped in a yuppie’s body – this being the worst of all. It makes me believe that I have gone through it all; that I’ve reached the threshold of pain (when I haven’t even felt like how it is to have a human being come out of your you-know-where… they say it’s the most painful for women *cringe*); and that I’ve gone to heaven and hell and back again.

In truth, I’m merely waddling in the shallow part of the river, probably with only one foot in the water. A friend who’s gone through all sorts of drama at a very young age told me once, “Your problems are just miniscule compared to the dramasI had before… they’re nothing.” That sort of woke me up a little ‘coz for the most part, she’s telling the truth. I’ve been quite lucky to be honest.

The old man said something that slapped me a bit out of my reverie. “I’m old, and I wish I can still do things that I would love to do. This is the reason why I am always in a hurry.” Grandpa was right. On the contrary, I don’t have to be 80 to make the most of my earthly time ‘coz none of us really knows when our candle’s bright light would fade away.

Lesson learned: I should smile more often. Go figure. =)


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