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This day amazes me.

Not only because this date is cute and appears only once in a thousand years but because this also marks one of the many firsts in my life – first wall climbing and first zip-line adventure as I first set foot at the La Mesa Eco Park. About two weeks ago, my friends Doreen and Lynda were sitting in a coffee shop blabbing about how awesome it would be to have a potluck and picnic post-jogging at the park for a change and last night, I got a message from Lyndsie confirming the plan. Since it was pretty late and I was out watching Eat Pray Love with another friend, I had no preparations whatsoever for the food that I promised I would cook for the picnic – my own version of sizzling tofu. Back home, our cupboard is near empty and so is our fridge so I wouldn’t really have any ingredients to experiment on whip out as my contribution. Lyndsie, the angel that she is, said she’d take care of everything. How can I say no? =) And because of the 10.10.10 Run for Pasig activity, where Ayala was one of the starting points (for the 5k leg I think), my Ayala Triangle would be swamped with people and I had no plan of getting lost in the sea of runners when all I wanted to do was go round and round the triangle at peace. So Tina, my constant running buddy these days, thought it would be okay to cancel our Sunday jog for this week.

And so, there I was yawning non-stop in the cab on my way to our meeting place at 6:30 in the morning. Didn’t had a good wink as always (mind’s full of worries about things not worth discussing here). La Mesa Eco Park reminded me a lot of Singapore’s Botanical Garden though it wasn’t as grand as it is. But it gives you that relaxed, worry-free mind set that only being close to nature can bring. It’s almost that same feeling when you’re getting out of Metro Manila and while on NLEX or SLEX, you see nothing ahead but rows and rows of trees and an endless paved road. Weird but those are probably two of my most favorite things in the world – that endless paved road and rows and rows and rows of trees. That’s why I don’t get tired of looking out the window while others are probably bored to their wits.

That park opens at 8 AM and since it’s Sunday, it was filled with families, couples, and group of friends who probably like us, wanted to be away from chaos. There were even weddings being held at the park for the whole public to see. The park was pretty small but offers a lot of things to do. They have this Fitness and Mountain Bike Trail for the sporty ones, boating lagoon, adventure zone where the rapell, wall-climb, slide for life, zip line, and paintball are located, swimming pools, souvenir shops, and a huge picnic ground. We were supposed to jog but the trail was pretty rough and it took us quite a long time to find (haha!) so we just rented bikes and went round and round that fenced area with a bunch of kids, struggling with mud and dirt, and (at least for me) tried very hard not to hit anyone with my bike. Wall climbing and zip-line followed and for this activity, I proved that whenever I wanted to do or proved something I can really do it. As I am writing this, my arms are still hurting because of the wall-climb. It looked really easy and I thought it would be because I’ve been climbing rocks and mountains for real but it was still quite a task. My short arms made it really difficult for me. I was more than halfway when I almost slipped and gave up. My legs and arms were all shaky and wobbly and I had very little strength left. I almost shouted ‘Okay, that’s it I give up!’ but then I looked up and saw that I was really really close to the top. Right then, I decided that I would continue and was quite sure that I would be able to finish it. And hurray, I succeeded! =)

The zip line was another story. It wasn’t really scary and all but that particular instance when I was on the edge of the platform, sitting on the harness and just a few seconds away from being released that I felt so calm. I wonder if it would be the same feeling when I’m already on the edge of the Macau tower platform to take that free fall – my ultimate bungee jump. The thought scares me but I think I’ll be able to make it. =)

And so, with aching arms but high spirits, I think I’ve had my 10.10.10 very well spent. Sorry, no pictures yet because I stupidly forgot my camera’s memory card. I’ll have to wait for Doreen and Lynda’s posts. =)


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