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Wow… it’s been four days and I’m still flyin’ high with hang-over. I really enjoyed the last nature tripping activity I got involved in last weekend. A friend invited me and another friend to a tree-planting activity and climb organized by the BaKas Outdoor Group. BaKas means Biyaheng Kalikasan Society and more than just climbing mountains, they devote themselves into saving the environment and doing outreach programs. Cool!

So, last September 4, I hauled my a** to be at McDo Quezon Ave. at 4 in the morning. I was actually feeling lazy that day and I wasn’t too keen on going. Thank God I went! It was the best climb I’ve had so far. We were 30 in that group and we all got along very well together. What a great way to meet new friends (while reconciling with Mother Nature).

We went to IPO Dam Watershed for a tree planting activity where the mosquitoes made a buffet out of my legs and arms and other exposed parts of my body (this later made me go to the hospital to have my platelet count checked)! It was okay though… I was able to plan 10 Cupang seedlings and in that little way, I contributed to secure the water resource of the people here in the city…hehe.  The best part was lunch time… best Sinampalukang Manok I’ve tasted in my life!

After IPO Dam, we went straight to the jump-off point for the Mt. Balagbag climb.It was an open trail thus the most effortless climb I’ve done so far (although there were also those I-feel-like-I’m-dying-moments  because of tiredness). The hike only took an hour and a half (plus probably an hour of wasted time because of camping on the wrong summit… hehe!) It took another 30 minutes to reach the real summit.  =)

As soon as they pitched the tent and while the group was waiting for dinner to be ready, I was fast asleep in my tent (I haven’t had a wink for a day prior to the climb). Just woke up during chow time and socials where the group got to know each other better.

During the second day, we had a side trip at the Licao Licao falls where literally, nagkandaligaw-ligaw kaming mga nagma-una sa falls… haha! =)

More photos here.


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