I was totally kidding and you fell for it.

Posted on: August 24, 2010

August, I was not serious when I said ‘Bring it on!’ But you did… and it ain’t pretty!

A week before this month ends, I find myself rolled up in a whole sheet of negativity. You started well and it was okay but as you pass by, this shitty feeling gets worse and worse, especially last week. For one, I was quite under the weather and absolutely cranky most of the time.

Yesterday, I got a little bit of socking from mi boss. What a way to start my Monday. But I think I need a little bit of that to jump start my momentum. And boy, it did. I felt the panic to prove myself. a

To top off my day, a taong-grasa (vagrant/hobo) slid right beside me in the jeep on my way home. He pushed me in the process and that really shocked me. I was practically stunned, sitting speechless until the guy sitting next to me offered to switch places. I swear I was okay with his stench but what I was really bothered about was the fact that he might suddenly smother me or hurt me. I wasn’t fearing for my life but I thought it would really be embarrassing to be the subject of such raucous. haha.

I’m totally sleepy now.


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