Annoying, amusing Jeepney Encounters

Posted on: July 21, 2010

I am such a nutter.

I sometimes amuse myself with crazy thoughts that actually makes me doubt my mental stability. What does it make a person if he/she finds too many annoying things that to other people may seem just normal?

For instance, in my travel to work every morning (30 F’N minutes), I can’t help but just observe what happens in that crammed little box (and everything that goes with it) and I tend to find lotsa annoying little habits/things.

Exhibit 1 – I hate it when a person at the passenger seat keeps checking himself out  in the mirror (like) every five seconds. It’s as if they will die if they don’t do that. Or they fear that a freaking mole the size of a coin would suddenly pop out of their foreheads. And they tend to be so oblivious that people may be watching them. Come on man, your face won’t change!

Exhibit 2 – I hate it when people stares at you. And I mean shamelessly stares at you. It’s uncomfortable. It’s annoying. Like this one time, I was in a jeepney ride with my friend and I was telling her a funny story and this guy was staring – listening intently to our conversation. At the end of my sentence, I turned to him and said: “Di ba, manong? Ano sa palagay mo?” He was shocked of course and I felt damn good.

Exhibit 3 – Those people who sits at the tail end of the jeep and asks you to hand over their ‘bayad’ to the driver even if you sits at the far end… and there are some who even expects you to move your ass to reach for their money. They don’t even say “Please” and “Thank You.”  I want to punch them in the face.

Exhibit 4 – An ugly couple who thinks they are cute and that the jeepney is an extension of their love seat. *shuts up now while rolling eyes* Disclaimer: Hindi po ako bitter. =)

Exhibit 5 – A guy who seats like he paid for half the space of the entire jeepney. Either that or his balls are too big and he can’t keep his legs closed. These are also those types who shamelessly stares at you. And they usually have a mustache. I don’t know but it’s always been the case for me. haha.

Exhibit 6 – A driver who stops at every street corner even if his jeepney is already bulging with passengers and gets more even if you’re already almost exchanging with the one sitting next to you.

… And a lot more. I can go on forever but I am sleepy now. toodles!


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