Sky sucks

Posted on: June 13, 2010

I don’t mean the sky (although it’s very sullen and gloomy today) but this little scheming money-making cable company called Skycable! I am so mad I am running out of adjectives. =S

I’ve been a subscriber to their cable service for about three or four years already and less than a month ago, I had a skybroadband installed at home. But ever since I got this service, I’ve been getting nothing but headache. And they have the meanest and the most unreliable customer service too!

The reason for my ranting was that the whole weekend, the tv cable was down, ergo, no internet connection for me too. And when I called their customer service (about noon yesterday, Saturday), I was given this flimsy excuse that they were doing some sort of troubleshooting for a cable connection in a location close to us, thus, ours was affected. And I WAS PROMISED that the interruption would only be a while. But guess what, it wasn’t until an hour ago (Sunday already, about 6pm) that the cable came back on (thus, my internet connection up and running again).

What annoys me the most is the incapability of these customer service representatives to tell their poor subscribers the truth. If it’s going to be down the whole weekend, they must’ve just told us and so we don’t have to flip on the tv once every effin’ five minutes to check if the cable is already working. Us, and our neighbors who are also helpless Sky subscribers have been comparing notes and we’ve come to a conclusion -Skycable’s service quality is going down and down… and fast too!

The skybroadband that I AM SUPPOSED to be enjoying now is 2Mbps but it’s very slow – slower than when we had Globe’s 1Mbps connection. It’s too slow that downloading a 76MB MP3 file takes two hours! How can that be? The first two days it was installed, it was very fast…very impressive in fact. But after that, it’s quite a nightmare. And even having it installed was unbelievable. I practically HAD TO BEG for these stupid helpdesk people to go to my house and install the @*#$damned thing. For two days, nobody came and I had to call their customer service ten times a day (no exaggeration!) just to follow up.

I tried looking for reviews but I guess I did a little too late already. Every review that I read are of annoyed and angry subscribers, who pretty much already say what I wanted to say.. to quote one very angry subscriber”

“Slow,intermittent,NO connection
loss of internet service constantly
About as much use as 56kb dial up
Worst tech support of any comms outfit I have ever experienced!!!”

Sky sucks. I’ll be switching to a different provider the first chance that I get.


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