FANMODE: Oh my, Ajusshi! =)

Posted on: June 10, 2010

I was in the midst of hibernation but while browsing through Popseoul, I saw this…


… and I found myself being transformed to a shrieking (annoying) fan-girl once again. So, Won Bin can really break my silence. Big deal. =)

My whole family likes Won Bin (our dog was named after him, or is that bad?). Yes, even my pop (sort of) when we first saw him in that korean war movie Tae Gukgi. More than being a pretty face and a hot bod, this guy is real stuff when it comes to acting. If he were a Marines (he enlisted in the army some two years ago), he would be an ‘Asiatic’ – a term coined by the Marines to refer to an old breed which has quite a “different” (leaning toward being particularly odd from how I understood it) personality. Not that Won Bin totally lost it when he got out but he was, well, different – more aware I think.I’ve been reading too much war books…haha.

And so yes, I love him to pieces so I can’t wait for this movie to come out. =)


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