Cook for a Day

Posted on: June 1, 2010

I welcomed the first day of June sleeping until 1 in the afternoon (yes, I know… what a way to start a month) and cooking! Yay! =) I’ve been trying hard to learn how to cook and I finally got the courage to get my a** moving and my hands dirty.

My pop bought some mussels since I’ve been dying to experiment on grilling some with a pesto topping. And oh, with a quickmelt cheese of course. So, I spent the rest of my day sweating in our little kitchen, trying yet again to improvise some recipe I got from watching the Food Network and browsing through that huge Italian cookbook my little brother bought from a booksale. Very useful indeed. I often improvise because most of the ingredients they mention are either hard to pronounce (which means it’s expensive most of the time) or not available in our fridge (which again, we don’t normally buy because they are expensive!)

Good thing I have some of these left over olive oil from the red whine-infused carbonara pasta I cooked for my sister’s birthday (another one of my experiments. They ate it ‘coz they didn’t have a choice) I also found a pack of sliced roasted almonds and some bread crumbs in our cupboard. So with a whole clove of garlic which I pounded like crazy together with the rest of ingredients, I mixed my own pesto spread.

Here’s the result with the mussels recipe (notice, the quickmelt didn’t melt… bah humbug!):


Then I cooked my very own interpretation of Gising-Gising for dinner. Instead of using Baguio Beans, I used Kangkong Stems (Water Spinach). I used coconut milk and about six pieces of green chilis for the whole gising (waking up) effect, and 1/4 kilo of ground pork. With my pop’s help, it took me only about 20-30 minutes to prepare the whole dish.

Hot! =)

‘Til my next adventures in the kitchen. For now, I need to sleep. =)


1 Response to "Cook for a Day"

hello dear! i’ve tried to comment few of ur post within these few days.seems to fail etime..i wonder y..huuu looks delicious lah! yumm2!

Oh ya, another thing. I also can’t put ur link in my blog.. still wondering wut’s causing it.

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