‘Dovetailing’ Gone Bad

Posted on: May 31, 2010

Why do I waste so much time when I always say that time is so short, we really need to live everyday like it is our last?  I just realized that if I am actually living this phrase, then I would’ve spent my last day on earth sitting in the dark in my pj’s buried in my laptop for half the day (or more like the whole day), mostly wondering what to post on my social networking pages  while trying to compose a decent piece of article or a blog or any write-ups needed for work. Not so fancy, I’d say.

I always try to maximize my time by ‘dovetailing’ – as my Homeroom teacher when I was a sophomore called it. She said it means multitasking or doing multiple things at once. I don’t know why that one particular scene in my high school days stood out of my memory after all these years and I find myself doing this ‘dovetailing’ thing over and over again as if it’s an activity which I’m gonna be punished for if I don’t. For more than a decade, I didn’t bother checking what dovetailing really means. And from what the freedictionary is telling me, it means “correspond, match, agree, accord, coincide, tally, conform, harmonize” – you get the picture.

It hit me – I wasn’t really dovetailing all these years. I was simply trying to juggle tasks, which often fails miserably. These tasks don’t fit together and so I end up wasting time instead of saving it. A classic example is, as I open my laptop, my tv is on. I’m not really watching but I feel like I am because I am glancing at it like every ten seconds (but I couldn’t really follow the story anymore of whatever is on). And within my computer, I am trying to read a blog, compose one, check my work and personal e-mails, attempt to answer one (but leave that reply page opened, sometimes with a finished e-mail but forget to click the send button, so it’s just there sitting idly), then I would have this sudden urge to download a movie or a song so I would open Limewire or uTorrent and Sidereel to check on what’s in the big screen, spend a huge chunk of time excitedly looking for movies and music to download and eventually forget what the real reason is why I opened this laptop in the first place.

I am such a screw up. I totally misconstrued what dovetailing is all about.  Thanks to some tips from Mr. Francis Kong, I think I’d be able to start fresh with this whole multi-tasking thing.

In 16 days, I’ll be working an 8:30 to 6:30 job again. And while doing so, I am still committed to a publication which we are trying to start up. I NEED to learn this time management thing if I want stress out of my way and my sanity, intact.


1 Response to "‘Dovetailing’ Gone Bad"

dovetailing… it’s a dove that waved it’s tail.. nothing similar to correspond, match, agree,.. etc..
maybe in earlier, it means the dove prefer to wave it’s tail instead of nodding it’s head..heeeeee ~____~ make sense or not?

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