It’s raining (oh, man!)… hallelujah!

Posted on: May 28, 2010

After months of bearing the summer’s wrath (the highest temperature recorded so far at 37.5 degrees Celcius), Mother Nature finally heard our cries of torment and pleas for mercy. Yesterday, the sky was a big tease when at around 2pm a whole mass of Nimbostratus clouds hovered above. But after a few minutes, it cleared again. I was almost celebrating but it was just  a huge pulse alarm.

Today, it finally gave in and cried its heart out.

the sky is weeping... and I love it! =)

I have never appreciated the rain this much, especially after typhoon Ondoy drowned Metro Manila and left thousands of people in despair. Well, I never liked the rainy season to begin with. I always preferred summer’s heat (and powdery sandy white beaches attached to it) over wet, cold, muddy pavements. But this summer is, by far, the meanest (the hottest temperature in Philippine history is at 42.2 degrees Celsius recorded in Tuguegarao in 1969) and I don’t like it one bit.

So what a joy to be seeing this!

raindrops keep fallin' =)

I think I’ll be sleepin’ like a baby tonight (for the first time this summer)


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