Summer bummer

Posted on: May 24, 2010

Darn. It’s too hot!!! Thirty-three (33) degrees according to my Windows sidebar weather feed. Well at least it’s not 37 degrees this time. How can I work at home with this kind of distraction? Too darn heat makes everything dry. And dry weather makes all things dusty. And dusts (or dust mites according to the last EENT specialist who checked me up) makes my rhinitis worse. It puts me  in a very sorry state of sneezing every five seconds (my tissue’s all used up and it’s too damn hot to go outside to buy another pack!) Grr.

Okay, this is actually one of those moments when  I am missing working in an office. But apart from this, I don’t miss it at all. As much as I would want to turn on my A/C, the last bill I got more than restricts me from doing so. See, I only turn it on two hours before I hit the sack just to cool my room a little bit and turn it off and use the fan instead. But still (consider that I have no steady income at the moment), I find the last electric bill unjustifiably expensive. And I have vowed to turn it on only when I’m nearly having a heat stroke. Okay, I’m exaggerating but you get the point.

And because it’s so hot, I’d prefer staying in a mall or a coffee shop to work but getting prepped is double the effort (kakaligo mo lang, naliligo ka na ulit sa sarili mong pawis). Then you’ll have take a cab ‘coz walking to the jeepney terminal is like a kiss of death (full on the mouth!) and you’ll have to spend again for the frappe that you have to order so they let you stay or give you the wifi network key. Too much hassle and too much spending so I’d rather work in my bikini (of course, I’m kidding) with a blower for a fan and a bottle of freezing Coke litro in the not-so-comfort(able) working desk in my room. At least my bed is just two inches away from me if ever I pass out.

Anyway, even if this damn summer kills me, I still have tasks to finish and responsibilities to attend to if I want to get things moving… right about now. I’m done complaining for today.

Laters. =)

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4 Responses to "Summer bummer"

yaa,its kinda hot rite getting crazy. neway i oh so much luv ur blog.kinda inspired me alot. do read mind

Thanks for visiting my blog Hetzel! I saw yours too and it’s pretty neat! Cheers! =)

heya thanks! wud like to comment ur latest post but seems fail etime. been longing to ask wat does it mean by pusang gala? i dont understand philipines.sorrry..neway im looking more of wordpress blogger.but dun worry, urs r totally awesome!hv been following u since ur in blogspot.

haha.. sorry about that.It means a “stray cat” in English. I would like to believe I was one in my past life because I couldn’t keep my feet from wandering (I really love traveling!) Plus, I love cats! Hope that explains it! =)

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