Smile at the littlest, craziest thoughts

Posted on: May 17, 2010

There was something hilarious about you being alone, sitting on a damn extravagant couch with the whole Makati skyline for a view and a dramatic, melancholy music playing in the background while the sun in the horizon spews fiery orange rays. I was trying very hard to suppress the urge to shout “Iiinnaaaayyyy, bakit nyo kami iniwaaaaaannnn??!?!?” with my arms outstretched to the skies (cue music, a-la ‘Gone’ by Jim Chappell). Para ‘kong tanga but I was smiling silly half the time just thinking about it.

Imagine clear blue skies with  and the sound of heels tapping on the marble floor as waitresses pass by, asking you every millisecond if you want something to drink. That was the problem with extravagant places like that, they feel like you always owe them something even if you don’t.

And there I was, five hours ago at the Tower Club in Philamlife building looking like I was stood up by a date. But it was far from that actually. I was supposed to meet a contact for a job prospect. Turned out there was a miscommunication and I was sitting at the wrong place at the right time. I felt kind of stupid but amused at myself for being sport about the whole thing… or just amused that I was able to amuse myself with a very silly and stupid thought.

Fast forward>>> I was able to meet my contact and we had a very fruitful discussion. – something that I will look forward to and dread at the same time. Details later.

So, I went down (after saying thanks and goodbye to the moody-looking waitress  who was staring at me the whole time  as if waiting for my ears to grow or for me to turn into a monstrous arachnid and eat all of them or something as inconceivable as that) and got a cab. This afternoon, the universe decided to give me the positive side of Murphy’s Law it bestowed upon me early this morning. I got a cab without even waving my hand (stopped right in front of me while a dozen others were fighting to get one) and I was at my contact’s office in less than a few minutes… himala, no traffic a few minutes before the rush hour! I even got an angel for a cab driver on my way home. That’s very rare these days.

These little things… these moments when the stars were aligned properly, make me insanely and genuinely happy. =)


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