Chocolates for my rotten mood

Posted on: May 16, 2010

I feel so rotten this weekend. Well, basically since my pop threw a tantrum on ME again, I’ve been in a v.v. bad mood. And I am convinced that my only cure is…

… ta-da!!!

never fails me... =)

Speaking of the cure, I watched the movie “The Cure” again for the God-knows-how-many-times last night. And you bet, I cried again like a mad cat for the nth time. I only downloaded a copy so I could put it in my iPod after blogging about Joseph Mazzello being grown up and all. But curiosity and a sense of a “planned deja vu” got me so I wanted to take a peak. But once I clicked the play button, I couldn’t stop watching.

Joseph Mazzello was so tiny and fragile (since he was playing an HIV positive kid, duh!) like you could literally scoop him up and put him in your pocket… so cute. And Brad Renfro, looked so… well, alive.. sniff…  sniff… Now I remember why I was so crazy about him back in high school. He’s got that really cool rebel attitude none of the teeny-boppers of his time had (not even Devon Sawa).

Going back to my chocolate, I remember I was genuinely curious again how Butterfinger tastes like when you microwave it (like what Brad did in the movie) so I bought one (didn’t microwave it though because we didn’t have one at that time) and just ate it, and decided it would be my favorite sweets from thereon. I even had a crazy habit of keeping all the wrappers and sticking them at the last page of my photo album. It didn’t matter where I got the chocolate or who gave them. I just wanted those wrappers collected like a collage. I really wish I could show you how it looks like ‘coz I still have it but I can’t find the darn album. It was stashed away in the little bodega behind my room and I’ll be crazy to rummage through the pile of junk at this hour.

Anyway, I think this will also be an effective cure:

no. 2 in my list =)

Update: My pop went up to my room and apologized and gave me money (because I asked him to as a penalty for my emotional distress) to go buy all the chocolates I am blabbing about here. I think his effort to say sorry is in itself one helluva cure. =)


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