I’ll talk about Noynoy (baket ba)

Posted on: May 11, 2010

"one finger points to heaven, and another finger points to yourself. As if saying, this struggle is by ME and GOD." Photo and text credit: Budjo Photography

I am not a Noynoy fan. I didn’t even root for him up until the last minute – just as I was about to shade that ellipse beside Nick Perlas’ name. Among all candidates, I truly believed in Perlas’ “six-pillared” platform and capabilities based on his achievements and experiences. Mainly because at its core is sustainable development, in which I have very strong views on. I felt that his unique but very viable approach, coupled with his humility makes him that person who can finally bring change to this nation.

But then again. I have practical beliefs too. I wanted to be practical at a time where practicality is being called for. I felt my vote would matter more if I give it to a candidate who is more likely to win.  To be honest, I had some sort of epiphany while I was sitting in that little chair, contemplating who to vote for president. I imagined Erap or Villar winning and I, smacking myself for six years for not supporting a stronger candidate instead. I know from the beginning that Perlas will not win and Noynoy has a bigger chance of winning. That simple. And among all the other candidates (just like each and everyone, I have my beliefs and a right to choose who to believe in… just that the others choose to be foul-mouthed about it), I chose to bet on Noynoy. Bet – there is no more appropriate term. I am betting my future, my would-be family’s future, and my country’s future. Because it is MY choice.

Noynoy is the only candidate I know who’s betting his life against corruption – the root of all evil and problems in this country. It’s disheartening to hear other candidates speak of corruption as if it’s an incurable disease so they’d rather not speak about it. It reeks of hopelessness and pessimism. So, what’s the point of even running or wanting to be the president if you’re not brave enough to tackle it? Others are saying, ‘how should we know if he is true to his words when he’s literally surrounded by trapos and parasites?’ Then, how should we know if he really CAN if he wouldn’t be given a shot? Same thing with all the other candidates who were given a fair shot to run for presidency. If they are in Noynoy’s shoes and people are throwing sticks and stones at them, wouldn’t they want to be given a fair chance to prove themselves too ?

Tapos na po ang halalan. Let’s all move forward and re-boot our minds to accept this new “chip/chief” that is being placed in our system. Let us give him a chance to prove that he is indeed his father and mother’s son.


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