I’ve been jobless (for a weekend) but not anymore…

Posted on: May 8, 2010

A week has gone since I became officially jobless and officially working again and it’s been, well, different. After spending seven years of my working life enclosed in a cubicle or out in the field, scooping for stories I would write, I am at home, in my room, fighting the urge to turn on the tv and just lounge on my bed to actually work. I am getting used to this set-up and I think I will be getting the hang of things very soon.

With my new job, I don’t have to report to an office for a period of time. I don’t have to wake up very early to fix myself… no wardrobe-staring for an hour to choose what I would be wearing for the day or fight with my hair. I don’t need to see people I don’t want to see or (smell) unwanted (smell) for that matter.
But truth be told, I am also missing things (and people) that I thought I wouldn’t. I miss my baby-cockroaches-infested cubicle, Claudette’s kitchen where i first tried an extremely good white lasagna (and huge servings too!), manang who sells us lunch, and of course, the friends we left behind.
It’s been a week and so far, it’s been good. While we still have a lot of time to ourselves these days because we’re just starting, I anticipate that things will be tough sooner but for now, I’ll be — as morbid-sounding as it seems — resting in peace. =)

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