Alone-ness at Bo’s interrupted by an annoying kid

Posted on: May 3, 2010

Bo’s Coffee is one of my most favorite places when I like to think or just lounge while drinking my freeze – especially their Oreo Freeze original. And so, here I am on a Monday night with my laptop, mobile phone, and iPod for companions. I’m waiting for my sister who’s getting off from work at 8pm. (I still have to wait for 30 minutes!)

Thank God for earphones because one of the things I can’t take is a noisy place – one with a loud-mouthed b**ch who can’t seem to keep her mouth shut and an annoying kid running around and doing all sorts of annoying stuffs. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE kids. I adore them too much that sometimes when I am looking at one, I am finding myself battling the urge to scoop one in my arms and take him/her home. (just kiddin’)
But this one particularly annoying little bundle of misery is destroying my peace. He looked like he’s on ‘E’ or something or drank a whole box of redbull. I know it’s absurd to think this way of a little kid but what annoys me the most is that the parent (the mom) doesn’t seem to care at all. She just lets the little devil wreak havoc. (Almost hit me with a chain he was trying to swirl around his head.. grr)
Anyway, the little bugger was gone so I had my peace back.
On a positive note, today was my first day at “work” and I am loving it so far. I didn’t have to get up very early and I didn’t have to stay very late… yet. We’re just starting so I think a lot of changes will happen soon. But I don’t wanna pre-empt and bury myself in misery prematurely… not that I want to of course, but hey, it cushions the blow a little when you’re emotionally prepared if you know what I mean.
i’m just so glad to be out in the rut. Technically, I’m still having a taste of hell in the next few weeks as I still have to come back for some unfinished business but I guess I have to move on already and stop invoking negative vibes whenever I think about it; it’s just not healthy and it’s just not me. See the monster that they created? This makes me sad actually…
Oh well, I gotta snap out of it because there’s a lot of things to be busy with in the next few days. I think I’ll also have a taste of how it is to produce and be an editor for a small cable t.v. show… wish me luck! =)

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