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What a very cool way to pray… thanks to Van Ness Wu who makes praisin’ GOD hip and full o’ life =)

And here’s a video of him talkin’ about what inner peace is all about.

So, I’d say, deliver me Lord, deliver us from evil (I think you may have done just that *wink*)


Nako, this word has been haunting me since the start of this week and it just irritates the hell out of me… not to forget that these ‘jejemons,’ the perpetrators of this first degree language homicide, are really worthy of prosecution. How can people mutilate the greatest thing ever invented! I think they’re plain lazy or just plain pa-cute, nothing more.

Oh well, this day is lazy and I am beginning to wonder again what the heck am I doing here. Then I remembered I still owe the May issue two more articles. But ever since I handed that resignation letter, I am not feeling the vibe at all; I’ve never been back in MY zone. I go to work later than my usual late self and whenever I get up in the morning, I think about what I’ll be having for lunch instead. Nice, right? I know, it is bad but I just can’t help it.

I am excited about what the coming weeks will bring . Now I believe that when you’re in the bottom, you have nothing else to go really but up. I might not be working in a posh office building anytime soon and I might be a temporary fixture in my newly-renovated bedroom for days or even weeks, but yes, I am looking forward to it.

I’m seeing things being done. I have a taste of Manila tour with my friend Katskie (luv u kat!) last weekend (photos here), I painted my walls olive green and I had that kind-of-floor-to-ceiling-slash-office-table that I wanted. I even bought that new trash bin for our kitchen. haha… While it may be getting darker and darker in my current office life, I’m seeing a fresh ray of light in another direction and there’s nothing else to do but just to look forward.

It gives me hope reading about people moving on and standing up after falling. I am seeing smiling faces, finding hope and love, and getting corny and cheezy and feeling good about it. Well, that’s how we must live our lives if we want to be happy, right?

I forgot when was this shot taken, probably a few weeks back but I can only wish for it:

An almost empty MRT carriage. I can practically see the floor! =)

I have a trauma riding the MRT because I almost died riding one – true story. I almost fell down the tracks at the Shaw Boulevard station because people pushed and shoved each other like it was the greatest battle of their lives when they saw the MRT approaching (the station) and I was standing in front, way below the yellow line, with my toes at the edge of the platform. God bless my soul but someone was able to grab a hold of my arm when I lost my balance. Who pushed me? I had no idea – probably that whole throng.

So, yes… I truly dread riding this thing.

I’ve hibernated for quite a long time and I think it was kind’a deliberate ‘coz I’m not feeling too well these days.

I was down with a flu last week. Started last Tuesday and I only got better last Saturday. I felt so tired and wasted and I haven’t had a taste of direct sunlight until I came to work yesterday. I was home the whole time and didn’t dare go out. This despite my mom’s yearly traditional Pabasa which meant that we practically had an ‘Open House’ – busy house with a lot of people going in and out, and a lot of food too! What was funny was that since it’s the election time, we’ve had a lot of “donations” from candidates like trays of eggs, boxes of fruit juices, even cash money. Generous bunch of a**es until they win and claim those seats. But thank you, nonetheless.

I made use of my “idle” time at home. I got to learn how to cook a few recipes (from Kuya’s Italian cookbook) where most of the time, I was compelled to improvise because I’ve got no clue what some of the ingredients there even look like! Anyway, I got to make a yummy Tiramisu, replacing mascarpone (some sort of cheese) with a quickmelt, and a Trifle, which I overdosed with rhum so it was only my pop and unni’s hubby who got to enjoy it. But hey, it was really good! I also cooked beef stew with overcooked vegetables. =)

My room had a slight renovation as I had it installed with A/C. This summer is killing me and it was a perfect timing that my aunt was selling her A/C so I took it without so much eyelash batting. I’m just worried about the electricity bill that’s why I’m still cautious in using it. This Saturday, my cousin will install floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a built-in desktop on my wall. My goal will be to fill those shelves with books! Neat, right? =)

The last couple of weeks before I got sick, I ran around Ayala triangle every night after work (finally!) and it made me feel really good. Just that i kind’a “lost” my running buddy ‘coz her bf’s in town so I’m lying low as well. But I’ll continue doing that I swear even if it meant me running on my own. Somehow, I felt light and since I stopped, I’m starting to feel bloated again. Ayala triangle’s busy during weekdays and kind’a ‘dead’ during Fridays (I think everyone’s off, hanging out somewhere to unwind). It’s nice to be around a bunch of health-conscious people; it makes me feel healthy for some reason.

So I wonder what’s there in the next few days. I still feel like a first-class zombie these days but I am putting every inch of effort to shun all the negative vibes that surround me. As they say, I’ve probably bottomed out and there’s no other way but to go up.

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