FANMODE: Jason Castro

Posted on: March 19, 2010


I had no clue “Mr. Sexy Pants” is in Manila until I saw a friend’s twitter post which went something like choosing Neil Gaiman over Jason Castro (Hi Kats!) because both are in Manila at the same dates. I literally jumped out of my seat (and my reverie as I was already near snoozing) when I read the post and immediately milked my friend for some information. Immediately I decided I’ll be leaving the office early to bring out my inner jologs fan girl.

We arrived in Glorietta 5 quite late and some people were already leaving so I assumed it was over. But my persistence got the best of me so I convinced my colleague to hang out a bit longer and my instincts didn’t fail me. Girly screams flooded the whole Glorietta 5 and as I turned to the stage, there he was – looking all cute and errr… clean, waving at the audience with a smile that could melt the glaciers in Alaska. OMG. My fangirl meter shoot up to an uninhibited level and that’s when I decided I couldn’t let the whole thing pass with me just standing behind those velvety ropes… I gotta get close (and if lucky, have a baby…errr… a photo with him). =)

So, from standing this far… (behind those very depressing velvet ropes)

I got THIS CLOSE… =)

I don’t know how I did it because I don’t have any tickets or stubs required to enter that enclosed perimeter but the next thing I knew, I was furiously snapping away in front of the stage, a couple of feet away from where he was sitting signing autographs while screaming, “Jasoooonnnnn!”.

He’s so cute! Smiling all the time and giving in to his fans’ photo op requests even though you can tell that he’s already tired and probably sweating like crazy (from my observation, I think he drank half a gallon of water on stage). More photos here.

Is he lookin’ at my camera? =)

I admit this wasn’t my first fangirl moment but this was the craziest so far. I didn’t get lucky enought to have a picture with him though… But the pictures I’ve taken are probably more than enough. Oh well. You can’t have everything! =)

Here’s a video I took while he was signing autographs:


3 Responses to "FANMODE: Jason Castro"

JASOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON.Kamuka talaga siya ni John Travolta. Only hotter.

hahaha… How true! Grabe, may spell ang kanyang presence dahil hanggang ngayon, may jason fever pa din ako! Waaah… So pogi! =)

Alam mo ngayon ko lang napansin yung likeness niya ke Travolta. Sa mata yun siguro.Haha, glad you enjoyed it. Ako naman, kilig to the max kay Neil Gaiman. Next time nalang ako kay Jason hihi.

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