Thank God, I am here today.

Posted on: March 11, 2010

My mom told me I was actually supposed to be born a day earlier, but it took her a long time to get me out so I came out an hour past midnight at 1:05am on March 12, 28 years ago. It was a full moon on March 11 and old folks have this belief that if a baby was born during a full moon, either he/she will be a prodigy/gifted child or mentally-challenged. I’m so glad I was born a day (or an hour) later then. =)

I will not go through all the drama of what have I done in the whole 28 years or at least half of it when I already know how to think for myself. Instead I will just be so thankful that I am here – living, breathing, feeling, and going through life as God has planned for me. I am thankful that I have my sometimes quirky and hard to deal with parents (but I love them to bits); my sister who’s always been there to be supportive and a friend (also her hubby); my brother who’s more often a pain in the ass but I love unconditionally nonetheless; my friends whose presence sometimes I can’t feel but would prove otherwise; my job that keeps me believing in myself despite all the difficulties; my random inspirations (not limited to people, cats and a dog included!) which no matter how little, warms my heart like a two-layered duvet.

I have lots to think about these days but it wouldn’t keep my rainbows away. Happy Birthday to me! =)

1 Response to "Thank God, I am here today."

If you think I have forgotten your birthday (WHICH I SWEAR ON MARVIN'S SMELLY PITTS THAT I DIDN'T,) then you are mistaken. So, Happy Birthday Unnichan! Always remember that Mike and I loves you so much. And that we are always here for you…you can count on our help and our presence in your life kahit matanda ka na (at mas matanda ako)I know we are as similar as day and night, and that you are definitely more matured than me. However, I want to let you know that I am always here to push upon you my little (inconceivable) nuggets of wisdom. Always be strong and always be happy. Always go for what you want (albeit in a nice way) cos you deserve the best in everything. I love you Unnichan :-)Happy Birthday!

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