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I’ve broken my record.

Since I came back from a short v-cay in UAE, I vowed to take a bath twice a day (my ammunition against the burning heat of the summer) and I was doing really really good. But this weekend, I totally failed. I am too lazy, thus, I only took a bath once yesterday, very late in the afternoon. I was wearing my pajamas ’till 3pm and I was too lazy to move. In fact, I was like a furniture at home. And today, nah, I don’t even wanna tell. =)

Anyway, I think I’ve been breaking a lot of records lately – on a negative note, that is. Last week, I tried a cleansing diet a.k.a. “not-eating-anything-solid” and it only lasted me two days and a half. I just can’t NOT eat. I thought I was actually doing good but every time I go home and open our fridge, my glutton-button automatically switches on. So it makes me not want to stay home as much as possible. It’s not that I want to starve myself to death and be a skinny a** but everytime I look at myself in the mirror, I am starting to see paddles instead of arms, and I can’t see pass my tummy anymore when I’m standing totally straight and try to peek at my feet. You may laugh but I am dead serious.

I wanted to do a lot of things like read books until my eyes ache or my head spin and do some jogging around Makati triangle after work. I wanted to make my room over, paint it purple or green (or something bright and crazy!) and re-arrange each and every piece in it – from the largest (my wardrobe) to the smallest (my incense holder). I wanted to buy a metal covered trash bin for our kitchen and put a water heater in the shower. I wanted to apply for an EPEC just for the heck of it and renew my passport ‘coz the immigration officer in Singapore scared the hell out of me, telling me that that’ll be the last time they’re accepting it.

Those thoughts have been in my head for quite some time and up to now, they are still JUST thoughts. They are swimming inside my head along with the ravenous thoughts about my dilemmas at work that kill me slowly. The only thing that keeps me sane is, well, knowing that life is a tease – now, I may not be okay, but tomorrow, I’ll be out there in the world again, with a huge genuine smile plastered on my face again.

In fact, I am feeling quite good about what will happen next. I am starting to see some light at the end of this very long (and stinky) tunnel. It may be bad to “just hope” since as people (naturally created intelligent by the hands of God) we have choices to make. And it is our choice if we want to be stuck or to move forward.

Tomorrow, I am starting my after-work jogging and tonight, after writing this blog, I am going to get a schedule from DFA online for my passport renewal. Who knows, I might need it sooner than I expected?

Smile! Laugh while we can, ‘coz I am a strong believer that we can only be here once. =)



I had no clue “Mr. Sexy Pants” is in Manila until I saw a friend’s twitter post which went something like choosing Neil Gaiman over Jason Castro (Hi Kats!) because both are in Manila at the same dates. I literally jumped out of my seat (and my reverie as I was already near snoozing) when I read the post and immediately milked my friend for some information. Immediately I decided I’ll be leaving the office early to bring out my inner jologs fan girl.

We arrived in Glorietta 5 quite late and some people were already leaving so I assumed it was over. But my persistence got the best of me so I convinced my colleague to hang out a bit longer and my instincts didn’t fail me. Girly screams flooded the whole Glorietta 5 and as I turned to the stage, there he was – looking all cute and errr… clean, waving at the audience with a smile that could melt the glaciers in Alaska. OMG. My fangirl meter shoot up to an uninhibited level and that’s when I decided I couldn’t let the whole thing pass with me just standing behind those velvety ropes… I gotta get close (and if lucky, have a baby…errr… a photo with him). =)

So, from standing this far… (behind those very depressing velvet ropes)

I got THIS CLOSE… =)

I don’t know how I did it because I don’t have any tickets or stubs required to enter that enclosed perimeter but the next thing I knew, I was furiously snapping away in front of the stage, a couple of feet away from where he was sitting signing autographs while screaming, “Jasoooonnnnn!”.

He’s so cute! Smiling all the time and giving in to his fans’ photo op requests even though you can tell that he’s already tired and probably sweating like crazy (from my observation, I think he drank half a gallon of water on stage). More photos here.

Is he lookin’ at my camera? =)

I admit this wasn’t my first fangirl moment but this was the craziest so far. I didn’t get lucky enought to have a picture with him though… But the pictures I’ve taken are probably more than enough. Oh well. You can’t have everything! =)

Here’s a video I took while he was signing autographs:

My mom told me I was actually supposed to be born a day earlier, but it took her a long time to get me out so I came out an hour past midnight at 1:05am on March 12, 28 years ago. It was a full moon on March 11 and old folks have this belief that if a baby was born during a full moon, either he/she will be a prodigy/gifted child or mentally-challenged. I’m so glad I was born a day (or an hour) later then. =)

I will not go through all the drama of what have I done in the whole 28 years or at least half of it when I already know how to think for myself. Instead I will just be so thankful that I am here – living, breathing, feeling, and going through life as God has planned for me. I am thankful that I have my sometimes quirky and hard to deal with parents (but I love them to bits); my sister who’s always been there to be supportive and a friend (also her hubby); my brother who’s more often a pain in the ass but I love unconditionally nonetheless; my friends whose presence sometimes I can’t feel but would prove otherwise; my job that keeps me believing in myself despite all the difficulties; my random inspirations (not limited to people, cats and a dog included!) which no matter how little, warms my heart like a two-layered duvet.

I have lots to think about these days but it wouldn’t keep my rainbows away. Happy Birthday to me! =)

Yup. Today is the official start of my birthday week. A friend reminded me actually and instantly, I got a little sad (just an itsy-bitsy pinch there). In about four days, I’ll be turning 28 and this time of the year, I always get surprises – either positive or negative based from my previous birthday experiences. I don’t know but the highlight of my year coincidentally presents itself somewhere around this time – when I have all the right to be emotional. Sucks… or not. It depends.

I hate it how my life seems to revolve around my job for the last five years. Of course, I take a break once in a while but still, the main source of my dilemma is still work. Sometimes I ask myself why can’t it be just my lovelife instead… okay, I am totally kidding. Only an insane person wants that and I am still pretty sober… somehow. =)

So, my birthday wish? Redemption.

Today is…

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