Life’s little surprises can be big

Posted on: February 27, 2010

Life, or the circumstances we have while waddling through it, may suck big time but the universe can always surprise you with something small but you’ll find yourself taking it as a big breather.

Take my case for instance. I am torn between jumping off a cliff and dancing through the desert right now. I have a problem (I wouldn’t say big but it’s enough to rob me off my sanity for about three seconds) right now but at the same time, I am given an opportunity to enjoy life and see it on a bigger perspective. I’ve realized that what we have back home (or from where we come from) aren’t all that we have and there’s a whole new milky way out there – something stellar that awaits us, only if we have the guts to come out of our comfort zones.

I haven’t found my luck yet and I’ll be going home in about a week and my mind is swimming with thoughts of depression and “could’ve been’s” but God’s greatness reminds me that this is not the time to mope, rather a time to start these feet (and mind) moving to move on to what is waiting (patiently) out there.

My little-big surprise today:

Seeing my friend Jules after eight long years! =)

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