Singaporing within 24 hours

Posted on: February 25, 2010

Why does it feel so depressing?
This is the first thought that came to my mind when I went out the gates of the Changi Budget Terminal in Singapore Friday last week. First, that was first time I went out of the Changi airport without someone waiting for me at the gates. And second, the terminal was so new to me because that was the first time I saw it – no crowd at all, no hearty greetings from the people awaiting at the other side of the fence, none of the drama I so love watching in bigger airports.

I settled on a bench at a coffee shop inside the terminal to wait for my friend, Raki, who at the last minute I coaxed to “help” me throughout my 24-hour stay in Singapore.

The scene that I love the most at that airport was this father and daughter who, in my assumption (based on my eavesdropping), came to Singapore to visit the mom and the sister working there. The father reminds me a lot of my dad. They sat a couple of seats away from where I sat on the plane and I could hear him talking with a mix of nervousness and excitement about his trip – how he had to spend his meager savings to buy a plane ticket and how everything seems so expensive. The daughter seems like a good person, tending to her dad’s needs throughout the trip. And when they saw the mom waiting at the arrival gate, everything and everyone seemed to vanish into thin air as they rushed to hug her, obviously elated. I’ve decided, this trip will not be too depressing at all.

I waited for Raki while drinking a Yin & Yang (tea-coffee) drink and a chocolate cake – all that my SGD4 could afford (souvenirs from my last visit as I was too lazy to go to the money changer yet). She’s kind enough to offer her flat and “show” me around the place as if it was my first time… even offered a couple of times to pay for my meals and whatnot. it’s embarrassing but she insisted all the time despite my pleas that I could get around with what I have. Turns out, the trip would be worth more than a 24-hour stay after all. There were a lot of firsts:

First time I haven’t had dinner on time while in Singapore. First time I ate a humongous mushroom burger from Burger King, which I didn’t know existed in Clarke Quay. First time I spent the night boozing (although I didn’t get boozed at all) in Clarke Quay. First time I didn’t sleep but watched one-night stand partners make out at the darkest parts of Clarke Quay (hey, they were still in public!) First time, I got near that bungee thing, which looked like a giant sling shot. First time I almost fell asleep like a vagrant at the banks of the Singapore river while waiting for the first MRT. Oh, and it was also my first time to wait [for] and miss the last train in Singapore. First time I slept for barely three hours within the same day
I’ll be catching an eight-hour flight. First time I ate at the Food Republic in Wisma Mall in Orchard. First time I met a business contact from Singapore. First time I saw the “museum” inside the Changi airport.

Overall, my short stay was quite memorable. Definitely, I would be going back again and again and again. =)


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haha… parang lagi kang nagmamadali no? kase so much to do yet so little time… oh well, it was fun! =)

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