Two days and counting…

Posted on: February 16, 2010

I am excited. Two more days and I’m off somewhere again that could (and should!) somehow get my mind off work. I bravely took a two-week leave (might even extend) in the midst of deadlines and our office in (a little bit of) chaos.

I’ll be seeing my most favorite place in the world (so far, because I haven’t been to many yet) again – Singapura – although I’ll be staying overnight only because I’ll be heading off somewhere farther – where sand dunes are a common sight. =) I’ll be finally going out of Asia… haha!

A friend invited me over and I thought why not… I could probably even make use of that time to open some doors (and windows) to make my life a lot better. I don’t wanna go back anymore but who am I kidding? I am not that ruthless I guess.

I really hate myself when I’m traveling. The week that I’m supposed to leave, I am always in the worst state ever – I look harassed and I always have this feeling in my gut that it’s the last time I’ll be doing things and seeing people. So I say goodbye as if it’s really the last. I even say goodbye to my room, my bed, and heck, even my pillows (like that feeling when I’m leaving for sembreak in college).I am such a nut, it kills me! And hell, I am always at the mall after work ‘coz I am so paranoid I’ll be forgetting things then I’ll torture myself endlessly for it.

I just finished packing (wow… excited!) and my luggage is a hundred times heavier than me (I swear I already took out a lot from it) even though I used about two big Smart bags already. I am loving these smart bags. They really do wonders. I couldn’t even close my luggage before and now, I can even stash more things on the sides. Magic! =) But I guess I have to stop unless I am willing to pay that ridiculously expensive excess baggage fine at the airport.

And I haven’t even left yet but after computing my expenses, I found out I am splurging already. Tsk… such a bad habit. I am learning how to manage my finances but at this point, I’ll still have an F on it. *sigh* hopeless!

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