When the boss decides to quit…

Posted on: February 8, 2010

I worked more than twelve hours today and I am just so exhausted. Work is a rollercoaster and with the kind of predicament that we have right now, it feels like we were stuck in the loop and we’re all hanging upside down.

Did I mention, my boss “sort of” resigned last week? As in left without any plausible explanation. Just walked up to me while I was busy editing an article about this Chinese business school and told me he will be leaving in 10 minutes… and not coming back. Thought the old chap was kidding and when I figured the tense look on his face means otherwise, I kind’a broke a little (along with my other colleagues who were apparently listening in on the conversation).

I felt sad because I had a darn flashback about all the difficulties we’ve had in bringing this magazine to where it is right now and I couldn’t just zap the thought that without our boss, it will all be just put to waste. Anyway, that was what initially crossed my mind. Now, I am thinking hard about other possibilities (if there are any). But given the choice, we just want our work (place) to be normal.

Sans drama, our team made this little note for him:

Dunno. The man has a heart and this might pinch it a little. Life’s annoying surprises – who would’ve thought a boss (as in part owner of the company) can quit just like that?


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