Writer’s BLACK

Posted on: January 19, 2010

Normally, when I’m having a writer’s block, it spans two hours at the most. These days, I’ve been having it for almost the entire week already. I can’t seem to finish the articles I’m assigned with for our February issue and what bothers me is, I don’t seem to bother that much.

I prefer writing senseless stuffs in my blog than fry my braincells with the technical terms I don’t really understand. Not to mention, it’s been a very rough day yesterday (and week for the past week actually) for me at work. I feel like I am in a black hole (because of an A-hole). . Again, I refuse to elaborate.

This afternoon, I chose to recuperate. I started laughing senselessly again and drown myself in music (it heals me, I don’t know how). So far, I’m nearly done with the first of the three pending articles and I wanna hug myself for that. Positive thoughts can really get you far.

Oh, well… just trying to have a break (I’ve been having it the whole day!)


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