The weekend that was.

Posted on: January 10, 2010

High! Haay… pretty much the same. How the weekend flies so fast. And now, it’s already 9pm on a Sunday night and instead of getting ready for bed, I am buffering this Korean movie (The Case of Itaewon Homicide where the beautiful Jang Geun Seok plays a bi-polar psychopath… *dreamy*) I’ve been dying to watch (on youtube since is not that brilliant these days).

I just cleaned my room and it looks just the way I want it so even though I’m tired, I think I deserve a little Hallyu indulgence. v(^__^)v I have a lot of plans in this room but since it’s not technically mine (long story), I’ve been having second thoughts investing on it. Oh well…

I didn’t do pretty much this weekend. I just watched movies and the second season of Ugly Betty which I find more and more interesting. I like the character of witty gay guy Marc St. James (played by Michael Urie, hopefully not gay in real life but I seriously doubt it). I was planning to go out last Saturday but I stayed home and tried to work instead. My unni, her hubby, and I tried this diner in Burgos (yes, Burgos the red freakin’ district near Makati Ave.) after hoarding some Korean food at this newly-opened Korean shop/store with a very nice ajumma* (middle-aged woman) for an owner.

We were actually surprised at how great the atmosphere is inside that diner (The Filling Station if I remember the name right). Too bad I don’t have my digicam with me (which is actually broken…grrr) and nobody thought of bringing their camphones. The interior of the diner was pretty amazing, with collections of old memorabilias from the 50s, mostly posters and compiled photos of Elvis Prestley and The Beatles, LPs, bottles, movie posters, old telephones, radios which looked like oven toasters, and life-size Justice League figures (and Elvis too!). It actually reminded me a bit of 50s diner, one of my most favorite hang-out spots when I was in Baguio. The food was great and have large servings but pricey too. Probably because most of the patrons there are foreigners… with (really sorry for this for lack of a better term) Pinay GROs in tow. That’s the sad (and annoying) part for me. But if you can look past that, you’ll really enjoy the place. So after filling our tummies wiht ginormous nachos (filled with salsa, ground beef and my newly-found favorite – Jalapenos) and fries servings, with my favorite Cranberry juice, we cut the ‘Burgos field trip’ short and just went home.

I also entertained myself ‘experementing’ on what my and my ultimate eyecandies’ babies would look like through morphthing. Try it, it’s really fun! So this is how my babies would look like:

With Faffy Daniel Henney
With the true father (haha!) Kim Jae Won

With super cutie Won Bin

Then, I tried morphing Rob Pattinson and Daniel Henney, this is how it appeared… not bad I’d say!


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