First Day @ Work 2010

Posted on: January 4, 2010

It still hasn’t sank on me that it’s 2010 already so while I was signing something this morning, I put 2009 and it cracked me up. What’s in 2009 that I still can’t let go, huh?

Anywee… it’s back to the world of magazine and non-stop writing and editing for me. February’s fast approaching and we need to finish all the contents in a week and a half. Today was my first day (again) and I was really busy. That surprised me a bit. Last year wasn’t like this. Last year, our vacation hang-over seemed to last a whole week and it didn’t feel tiring at all. But I enjoyed the fact that I was doing something worthwhile this afternoon and that I was productive the whole day.

Some people aren’t still up to the challenge I see. Some still don’t care and it was honestly frustrating but hey, nothing can bring me down… not today, and not for the rest of the year ( I hope!) The day went by so quickly that after work, I found myself running some errands for mi mom. I was really hoping I could keep this up – you know, not wasting time and doing things that I ought to and can do and just stop procrastinating. I think I’m up for a good start. =)

It’s just a total bummer that this laptop charger, which I thought rose from the dead (when it died a natural death last May) didn’t after all. It worked the whole day at the office and I was so ecstatic and almost believed that a miracle stared at me right in the face. But no… when I took it home, it refused to work. So, I’m keeping this short ‘coz I am running really low on battery already.

Ciao! =) ’till the next happy happy days!


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