FANMODE: You’re Beautiful

Posted on: January 2, 2010

Old habits die hard. I spent the New Year watching this Korean drama called ‘You’re Beautiful’ and my love for watching K-dramas was re-fueled. I stopped watching for quite some time and I kind’a missed it. I don’t know what’s with k-dramas but apart from the surprisingly inspiring good quotes, the witty dialogues and eye candies, I guess watching it makes me forget how the ‘real’ world can sometimes be miserable (also translated as: how my lovelife sucks… hehe)

This is how Jang Geun Seok (right) and Park Shin Hye (left) really look. Cute!

Anyway, the story is nothing fancy: it’s about a male pop group where a naive girl pretends to be a guy to be able to join it (while waiting for her twin brother who’s really supposed to join the group to recuperate from a surgery gone bad) and eventually, the girl falls in-love with the most abrasive (and good-looking of course) member and they went through all kinds of struggles and complications and ended up happily ever after after all.

OMG, and this scene… =)

Just sharing! =)


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