First musings in 2010

Posted on: January 1, 2010

They always say that new year is a new beginning. And for the first time in years, I feel that it is. I am a little bit confused though if this means letting go as well. Or forgetting (or try at least) of the things (and people) that made you feel bad, hurt you, made you cry and feel that life is worthless. But what if these things (and people) are the same reason why you smiled and laugh for quite some time?

It’s difficult to argue that but then, I would think of what a friend used to say: “Past is past.” And I like to add a bit more to it. “There’s no way that it could be present.” Thus, it can never be a gift. A gift is supposed to bring out the child in us (not worrying about a single thing and just live life like it has something grand to offer as the days go by). So probably, my friend – in his most innocuous and clueless way – is giving me something grand to think about.

Cheers to 2010! I look forward to loving you! =)


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