Yey, 2010! You’re gonna be awesome!

Posted on: December 31, 2009

Okay, peace and quiet at last. Aside from the occasional ‘ka-boom’ that I’m hearing from afar, the deafening sound of fireworks and clanking of my mom’s improvised ‘gong’ to welcome the new year (and Sean Kingston’s riveting Beautiful Girl from the tweenies gathered outside of mom’s store) has finally faded. I can only hear my keyboard’s own rhythm as I am typing my very first blog this new year.

I finally found our cats – all four of them. They were gone for two hours, obviously terrified of the fireworks. Wonbin, our half-retriever, half-halimaw dog (according to unni’s hubby) has pooped and peed as expected. Poor babies. Now, Yumi is contented cleaning herself on my bed, probably getting ready to slumber.

I haven’t thoroughly cleaned my room but I tried my best with some of the clutter… it looks pretty decent. I painted my nails red (as in bloody red) just for the heck of it and I am enjoying my new full-banged look. I kind’a thought it looks fake (like Anne Curtis’ in Natasha’s catalogue) but Kuya says it looks just great.

I am somehow sad that we welcomed the new year without my unni but I thought that’s just how it is. That’s how it is when someone gets married in the family. And because of it, I am happy I am single. tee-hee… But I gotta find him soon, or better yet, he gotta find me soon! O, speaking of, unni and the hubby just arrived… Happy New Year I guess.

I’m not gonna rant about what might be in store for this new year… NOT YET. But I have this awfully magnificent feeling that it’s gonna rain AWESOMENESS this 2010.

Thank you God! And God Bless US all! =)


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