PUSANG GALA: It’s the Climb!

Posted on: December 28, 2009

Oh no, not another mountain…

We conquered Mt. Makulot last December 19. I went without an eyeshut, thus, the headache and my controversial absence during the socials. Apart from my eyebags which were eating half my face, I was all wooozzy while trekking and all moody. It didn’t feel good. Oh, did I mention that I missed the socials?! After three rounds of grandma (a.k.a. Grand Matador), I succumb to dreamland.

I was compelled to stay in a tent ALONE. Good thing, the stories about the (white) lady who loved wedging herself between the girls’ tents weren’t circulating yet and I was too drowsy and painfully battling a severe headache to be scared. Slept really well but now that I think about it, it gives me the creeps with the capital C!

Here’s mah tent…
I didn’t do what I planned. I was meaning to jump off the cliff… JUST KIDDIN’! Actually, I was planning to throw my lungs out while shouting profanities to the air… to let out all the bad feelings I’ve had the past days, past weeks, past months, oh well, the past year. I wanted to call out for my ‘Dao Ming Xi’ who was probably straddling his own rock at the other side of the mountain… tsk…

The trail up Mt. Makulot was more challenging for me than Pico de Loro. Did I mention we traversed two mountains at one go?!? … with ‘hang-overed’ companions to boot…. woot!

More pics soon at my multiply because the internet is screwed up again… *SIGH*


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