Sat recap

Posted on: November 14, 2009

Great Saturday, thank you Jesus! =)

I woke up earlier than usual (10 am this time because I normally get up around lunch time on Saturdays) and spent some hours doing the usual thing – read books, waited for the tv shows I missed watching, and just lounge around.

I passed up on the opportunity to plant some coffee seeds today (with the tree-planting program from igaro) because 1) it’s kind’a far (Rosario, Cavite ?), and 2) it’s too early (call time is 6am in Ortigas). Maybe next time…

instead, I had some bonding time with pop. We went to the friendly pirated dvd haven (MCS) to hoard some movies. I bought: 500 days of Summers (which I just finished watching… cute), Julie and Julia (or Julia and Julie?), Inglorious Basterds (with Brad Pitt mah mannnn), Funny People, All About Steve, Glee (the series), and Mother (a Korean movie featuring WonBin!) =) Now, I just have to find time to watch the rest of them.

Pop also wanted to canvass for fridge (since ours broke during the Onyong flooding) and a washing machine so we went to Shopwise. Tsk.. we badly need both, especially the former. It’s so darn difficult without the fridge. Three days ago, mom’s freezer which she uses in her ‘sari-sari store’ also gave up.

Pop ate Shawarma for the first time (believe it or not) and it seemed he didn’t like it that much. Then I got ripped off buying an odd-tasting green mango… I ate like a man again today because I can’t help it…i don’t really wanna deprive myself.

Since my ride to dreamland will probably not be coming in the next two hours, I think I’m gonna watch Glee first… =)


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