My vertical vow

Posted on: November 8, 2009

Wow. Kudos to me today… rather, this weekend.

I am more vertical than horizontal for the first time in so many months! Literally, I mean. Instead of lounging on my bed and hiding behind my pillows, I was on my feet most of the time, doing some house chores. It’s been so long since I moved like a normal household member and did the littlest of house chores you could imagine. I’ve been a lazy bum for so long… too long that I can’t remember when it all started. All I know is I stopped cleaning or helping clean the house because my mom kept on leaving mess all around with her things and when I confront her about it, we always end up arguing.

But I feel a little guilty because I was supposed to visit my HS bff and her newborn baby but because I’ve got lots to do, I’ve decided to just surprise her one of these days. (I don’t even know where her new house is now!)

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where because you wanted so much to accomplish a lot of things (not necessarily work-related), you find yourself doing two or more of them at the same time but still, you are far from being productive? Weekend after weekend, I find myself waist-down in such predicament. Before weekend comes, I’ve already planned a gazillion of things to do during the weekend – finish some books I’ve started, movie and tv-shows marathoning, play or at least touch my guitar (compose a song if I could!),have my ownMandarin and Korean refresher, finish the Miyazaki movies that my officemate has lent me months ago, paint my darn ceiling and fix my darn walls, mount some additional book shelves, buy a new and much larger closet, set up a working station in my room, blah, blah, blah… it seems endless.

Today, I found myself reading a book while watching tv and checking my work inbox. Then, not too long, I shifted to cleaning my closet and my whole room while downloading some MP3s and movies and posting at Twitter, while watching tv. I am such a taskwhore. I mean, it’s normal to multitask but I think I am leaning towards the extreme, which in some twisted way, I think is good (for me, especially these days!).

Oh well, I gotta shape up (literally and methaporically speaking) =)


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