Bruisy Friday

Posted on: November 6, 2009

What a Friday!

I had a funny notion that it must be my wearing jeans despite our company rule that says ‘No Casual Fridays! (and definitely no jeans) that started my whole Friday boo-boos. I am convinced it was karma on the works.

Boo-Boo No. 1 – I was in a hurry as I was running late this morning (Again!) and I couldn’t find a cab and of all the jeep that I chose to ride, I ended up with the one which needed to stop at a gasoline station for a considerable amount of time and moves like a tortoise.

Boo-Boo No. 2 – I saw the person who I don’t want to see. And I am pretty sure he saw me. And it would be ugly if we had to pretend to acknowledge each others’ presence. That’s how we hate each others’ guts.

Boo-Boo No. 3 – The biggest boo-boo of them all. I banged my head (forehead to be exact as I was looking down) on Jollibee’s glass doors. I walked straight onto a closed glass door with an impact. And since I was wearing earphones with Jesse McCartney shouting in my ears, I screamed louder than usual. I am pretty sure I created a raucous… some of them people laughed loudly to my embarrassment. NAKAKAHIYA!!!

Well, aside from my bruised forehead and battered ego, I am fine. Maybe I’ll just stay away from Jollibee Rufino for a while… =)

You, how was your Friday?


I just had to say this: I AM GETTING FAT. I must not be surprised considering the way I devour food like a crazy cast away these days but still… I can feel these nasty bumps, especially in my waist area. I wanna stop eating like an obese middle-aged man. HELP!!!



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