Photography might be for me =)

Posted on: November 3, 2009

I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in photography. Haha! Nice try. I don’t even know how to use a DSLR… I don’t even own one. Haay. I am itching to buy one but the 13-inch macbook pro is still on top of my list. Plus… my funds are still insufficient, to date. Sad, but true.

I really love taking photos and my favorite subject? The sky. I don’t know but it’s probably the calmness that I feel whenever I look at it. I love it when it’s blue with white cotton candy-like fluffy clouds spread out in its enormity. Kind’a like what we see in the coloring books of our childhood.

I love taking landscape photos. Of everything that is vast and green and bathed in sunlight. I like candid shots of people that depict happiness and conquering life as it supposed to be. Now, portrait shots aren’t for me…I take really silly ones. =)

Anyhow, I am trying to build up a collection of the photos that I took (with only my ever-reliable point-and-shoot Canon Powershot camera) during my travels in and it was kind of overwhelming when I received an email asking for my permission (or more like informing me) to use one of my shots of Angkor Wat. Now, it’s here.

Among my many ‘sky photos,’ this one’s my fave!

A cloudy Bantayan Island (summer of 2009)

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