Posted on: July 31, 2009

My thoughts are quite in shambles. I am sick and I went to work so as not to waste my time, instead of sulking on my bed, getting sicker by the minute. But going to work might be a wrong idea after all. I need not elaborate.

Sick as usual. I wonder why my immune system is so vulnerable. I think I got the virus from my brother who’s been sicks since last Wednesday. I caught it the other night while tending to him. But I’ve been so used to being physically ill that sometimes, it feels like more of a routine. Like my colleague at work says, I tend to get sick whenever the deadlines are approaching (not that I want to… probably because of the stress and the pressure? ) But the emotional sickness that I’ve been suffering with because of well… you know… that is too much. It even goes up to my head and I will not be surprised if I go all mental because of thinking too much. Who knows, one day, I might just explode!

I wonder why some people can be so harsh and heartless. It’s like for them, undermining people is like wiping sweat off their foreheads… peanuts… not much of a bother. I feel that I don’t belong anymore and it’s a whole new universe out there… infested by aliens and decepticons. How many slaps in my face would I be able to take until I give up and say no more?

I don’t know. As of now, I really don’t.


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