Drooling over Daniel (Henney!) and Mr Jackman

Posted on: May 3, 2009

I’ve seen ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ twice already. First was the unfinished workprint which leaked a month before release and second, a few hours ago in the big screen. Instead of me being ecstatic about seeing the movie even before its release (through that pirated dvd crap), I was more I’d say unhappy about it (ooh, I should’ve waited!) since I saw things that weren’t supposed to be seen… those supposedly amazing scenes bereft of CGIs (computer-generated imagery) and it wasn’t really nice to watch. I felt being fooled. But it was worth seeing how long Daniel’s (Agent Zero) airtime would be. =)

The ‘fallen’ agent.. tsk…

Who wouldn’t love this guy?

Mr. Jackman and Faffy Daniel (tee-hee!)

Seeing the movie in the big screen is so worth it. I didn’t really notice the ‘alleged’ 20-minute scene that purportedly was missing on the leaked version. I am not a movie critic so I wouldn’t dare. Rather, I’d just gush about how Daniel’s Hollywood debut is making such a promise in his career and how, I’m sure, the Hugh Jackman’s ‘flesh-flashing’ made my officemate doubt his gender again (eheh.. kidding P!) That guy is so ***damn sexy! Forget about the accent, the abs and the muscle pack would’ve sealed the deal, really. Oggle below… *grin*

Major drooling right here.

Gambit, played by Taylor Kitsch is kind’a cool too. Although I think he looks like a hybrid between Willy Wonka and Barry Watson with a long unruly hair. =)

Right? =)

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