what smells?

Posted on: April 15, 2009

I hate that I have an incredible, almost unbelievable, sense of smell. I was endowed with very sensitive olfactory nerves that I could literally smell a stink from a hundred feet away. I am always the first one to complain when some strange odor comes assaulting my senses. And so I give my testimony that there isn’t a grain of truth when they say: ‘Ang unang pumutak, siya ang umutot!’

And it’s a nightmare, I tell you. Anything that smells bad instantly sends my temper rising; I easily get crossed and the next thing I know, I am ready to yell at some poor soul. Probably, it’s normal but then again, my case is on the extreme side. I could actually picture the stink as if alive, taunting me and challenging my patience. I turn all loony.

As far as my fond recollections allow, I’ve almost gotten myself in a number of unsightly encounters because of this. It’s like one of those illnesses where there is no cure, like a spot of bother that is ruining my perfect little image (no, not really). And who could remain calm when in your nice and peaceful world, you are rudely interrupted by a smell that could make the hobos of New York look like preppy yuppies?

What would you do if everyday of your forsaken life, you are trapped and there’s just nothing you can do about it? Will you be bold enough to tell the ‘source’ that he smells like a dead rat or a basket full of onions and it’s really offending you?

As you might guess, I am currently having this crisis but I think better not to elaborate on it. (I will get into major trouble.. shhh…)


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