Moron’s the word of the week

Posted on: March 31, 2009

It’s not even the middle of the week and I already want it so bad to be weekend!

There are such a lot of morons everywhere. Moron spitting at the curb while you’re waiting for a cab. Moron trying to cut in the line in FX terminals. Moron trying to eye you from head to foot as if you’re some kind of an extra terrestial that is worthy of a rude stare. Moron trying to suffocate you with that kick-nose stench of sweat and dirt so friggin’ early in the morning. Moron who smokes cigarette in public transportation while choking all the other passengers. ‘Moronness‘ tapping her filthy little filth while you’re still using the can. Moronness denying you the change for a 500 peso bill when you just saw her mounds of smaller peso bills when she accidentally opened her register. Moron trying to mask their insecurities trying to act as a pathetic know-it-all. Moron being a total blabber mouth for a guy. Moron who laughs like a sissy girl. Moron who doesn’t follow rules – especially MY rules. Moron talking all polite when he’s actually bullsh*tting you on the inside.

And the biggest moron of them all – a pathetic arrogant sunovagun who thinks Harry Potter and Hogwarts happen in real life! This king moron is a big believer of things that he thinks money would pour in like a torrential rain when I snap my fingers or pick my nose. But mind you, the moron wouldn’t budge his ass or do even the most trivial of things to help. He’d rather fry his balls on a million-dollar worth magic carpet.

The last time I checked I am definitely a muggle. JERK.

(apologies for the harsh words… my temper got the best of me)


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