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I was supposed to blow this number of candles to celebrate my life in all the years that I’ve been here – struggling, trying very hard to make a sense out of it. This year, as I am one step closer to the last digits of the calendar, I think now I get it. =)

I had another yet simple means to celebrate this borrowed life and remind myself that I am truly blessed to be enjoying what God’s creation has to offer… flu – and all sorts of illness I didn’t know I have – and all.

Yes, I am still sick. Ever since my muscles were beaten black and blue at last Sunday’s activity and the three-day visit from mr. nasty flu virus, I’ve been suffering from stomach pains and I am still chickening out to see a doctor to my father’s dismay. I don’t know why but I just don’t want to.

Anyway, I think I have a lot to be thankful for this year even though at times, I am almost convinced that I am stagnant and nothing special ever happens. I haven’t done anything about my ‘plans’ yet; I haven’t bought something that I would really call an investment; I haven’t enrolled in anything that would give me new learning. But now that I think about it, a lot of things have in fact, came my way that in one way or another brought me joy and pain, made me feel loved and needed (and sometimes hated), and other realizations which proves that hey, I am actually human. And the blessings just keep on coming more than the occasional ‘sad’ moments which I always thought would be the end of me.

I don’t know yet but I think I am heading the right direction. Wish me luck!

And for my 27 candles, this is what I am thankful for: (not in order – ‘coz I am still trying to have a sense of it)

1. My faith in my God, my savior still being in-tact and the thirst to know Him more.
2. Mom and pop still together after all the years of bickering (and I know the fact that they are one of those rare couples who are still in-love *gagging*)
3. My friends, though not too many, who are always right around the bend, ready to share and to listen.
4. I love my job (you know what I mean by this!)
5. I am earning sufficiently thus, I can help my family.
6. I am not that healthy and I tend to get sick easily but here I am, still alive =)
7. The mornings when I open my eyes and realize that I have another chance to witness a miracle.
8. The people around me who, without their knowledge, are giving me life’s greatest lessons.
9. My living and breathing stuffed toys / stress-reliever – our pets Miyo Kun and WonBin-shi.
10. I am too young to be an EIC but who cares, I am embracing the responsibility.
11. NFF! (new found friends)
12. My music which sometimes tells me exactly what to do.
13. My coffee indulgence everyday.
14. That I get to visit places (albeit occasional)
15. That I ‘speak’ through writing =)
16. People who never forgets.
17. my internet connection. (haha… sorry, but I really am thankful for it!)
18. The mistakes I made from which I learned.
19. The bruises that have healed and those which are just mending.
20. That I am loved and cared for and I feel that it is truly overwhelming.
21. That I am capable of loving and forgiving.
22. I am no longer angry…(err.. still workin’ on it but gettin’ there)
23. My kuya and ate who are practically my ‘horcruxes’ =)
24. A place that I can call home (kahit na lagi kong nilalayasan)
25. The realization that the world is not as harsh as it seems.
26. The quiet moments with myself.
27. The scary but altogether exciting tomorrow. =)



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