Down right pathetic.

Posted on: February 6, 2009

This guy I know from way back then.

He made me hate myself for quite some time. And I mean, for a long long time. And I kind’a hate myself more when I look back at how stupid I was or how he made me look like one at least.

It wasn’t my fault I plummeted head straight and totally lost my mind. He was the picture of perfection and I could only see or chose to see one side of him. He seemed kind and nice and just that person who would sweep you off your feet and catch you when you swoon. To some extent, he was but then the ‘jackass’ side became more and more apparent.

Those crazy things I did seemed more pathetic now when I think about it. I thought it was cool letting the whole world know that you are head-over-heels with someone. At that time, it felt like I had some sort of power that I could practically say and do everything that I want and it wouldn’t bother him that much. Because I felt like he owes me something for liking him. It didn’t occur to me that he might not like the attention. Or he simply just didn’t care.

And just because I loved his smile (or practically everything about him), I chose to ignore the fact that he wasn’t really smiling for me. I totally overlooked the fact that he didn’t even look at me when I talk, that he deliberately turns his attention to something else hoping probably that I would just scram and spare him the agony.

That at that time, I pathetically embraced everything that he likes. From our common interests like music, to the things that were pretty much alien to me. The effort wasn’t even worth five cents. What’s good about that is I’ve discovered some things that remained embellished on my being despite the fact that everything’ about me and him (there was never an ‘us’) is all in vain right now.

As much as I don’t like to regret, I regret knowing him. I regret the fact that I let him trample silently on me. I was a waste and I didn’t deserve that. If only I could go back, I would take back what I said or what I did.

It didn’t ‘rock’ at all. Not one bit.

(On why the sudden rantings about this guy, I have no idea. It’s as if I woke up and thought about it all day with no particular reason whatsoever. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve long been awaken from that slumber; he just popped in all of a sudden!)


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